Aelite specializes in assistive technology such as crutches, wheelchairs and rollators. We believe that the design of assistive technologies to benefit the mental health of a user is just as important as the technology’s physical specifications, hence, we try to build products which can represent to our users both a convienence and a satisfying experience.

Aelite Crutches come in two models, the [Model 1] Aelite Underarm crutch and the [Model 2] Aelite Forearm crutch. Both models perfectly represent our values and the standards we set for ourselves. At Aelite, we are confident that our products will change the way crutches and other assistive technologies are used and perceived.

Aelite Co., Ltd.



The Aelite Crutches meet ISO 11334-1 standards, which subjects each model to durability tests including fatigue testing for loads on the crutches exceeding 1 million repetitions. Aeltie Underarm Crutch can safely support a weight of 120kg and Aeltie Forearm crutch can support 100kg. The crutches also come with a flexible slip-resistant foot pad, which helps users achieve optimal contact with the ground at any angle.


Aelite Crutches use high quality aluminum alloy, making them tough and light. The anodized surface increases the longgevity of the Aelite Crutches and resists scratching and regular wear-and-tear. The curved bodies and handgrips are designed for ergonomics and help users achieve balance and comfortability, permitting their use for long periods of time.


Aelite Crutches offer a patented stow-away function. With one press and a single motion, the crutches can be retracted to almost half of their use length, perfect for when space is limited during travel (i.e. in vehicles). Just press, slide and stow-away. Users can find storage spots much more easily than before.


We believe Aelite Crutches reinvent how people view crutches. They not only serve as assistive devices, but they are also beautiful accessories. The use of a crutch should never be a burden or act to label to their user. The idea behind Aelite Crutches is to change the design and use of the crutches so that they will benefit each users’ mental and physical health.

Technical Specifications