Chad Ballard is a 17 year old junior attending Sky View High school. He participates in a local water polo club team,  and spends a lot of his time snowboarding. This 6 ft 7 in teen has a great love for being active and outdoors as he enjoys mountain biking, camping, hiking and repelling. If you don’t see Chad outdoors then he is probably at home playing video games or playing his guitar.

Chad broke his patella (knee cap), a piece of his femur, and tore his patellar tendon 7 weeks ago in an unfortunate snowboarding accident. He got his In-Motion crutches after being on commercial aluminum crutches for six days. The crutches were recommended to him by his orthopedic surgeon do his height. We asked Chad what he thought the biggest difference between the two crutches were and his response was, “The biggest thing that I found different about the crutches was the handles, the In-Motion handles are much more comfortable, and I like the springs that are at the base of the crutch.” Chad has been on our crutches for about 6 ½ weeks and he is scheduled to be on them for 2-3 months. He said in our interview that he gladly would and in fact has recommended these crutches to others. In Chad’s last words of our interview he said, “Just getting around was really made easier and much more safe with my crutches. I am a very happy customer!”